BSR Beats: Baby, It’s Cold Outside

Kaylee Peterson

Thanksgiving is over and winter is about to sneak up on us quick. Beat any snowy day with these heart-warming tunes.



“I’m Gonna Be (500 Miles)” – Sleeping At Last

Sleeping At Last’s cover of this classic Proclaimer’s song has been a long-time favorite of mine. Something about the slowed-down, simplistic piano accompaniment and Ryan O’Neal’s voice turns this usually obnoxious song into the romantic soundtrack of your dreams.


“Unbeliever” – You + Me

Honestly, any song off of this album by newly formed band You + Me – composed of Alecia Moore (formerly known as P!nk) and Dallas Green (known as City and Colour) – could be comforting on a dreary day. “Unbeliever,” in particular, sounds what curling up at a fireplace feels like.


‘‘Like Real People Do” – Hozier

As with You + Me, Hozier’s debut album is filled with un-missable, comforting songs. “Like Real People Do” is one of the more particularly sweet tunes, and between Hozier’s soft tone and the harmonizing chorus it’s hard not to feel better after listening to this.


“Don’t You Want Me” – Bahamas & The Weather Station

This is a track off of the Walter Mitty soundtrack, though it was originally done by The Human League. It’s the soft, acoustic version of the familiar 80’s synth-pop hit that we all needed.


“Friends” – Ed Sheeran

From the Don’t EP Sheeran released shortly after his sophomore album “X” debuted, “Friends” is a must-hear. Filled with Sheeran’s signature acoustic sound, it’s perfect for dramatically staring out on the snow-covered ground and wondering when your love life will finally work out.

Playlist by: Kaylee Peterson, Web Staff Writer