Our view: Support for Science Learning

KS Editors

Most every student that comes to Kent State must take a course in a science building. While many won’t spend their college careers studying there, the buildings themselves must be places for students to learn. With science fields seeing increasing job growth, the university must accommodate students to be prepared for the workforce in whichever field they pursue, including the sciences.

The Kent State Board of Trustees approved a $94.75-million investment in Science Education and Research on Wednesday. As “Board of Trustees approves investment for science department” on page one explains, the money will be used for the construction of the new Integrated Sciences building and renovations will be made to existing science facilities as well.

All students will step foot in these facilities at some point of their college careers. Students taking core science classes, science majors and student and faculty researchers will spend time in these facilities. Whether a student decides to enroll in Microbiology or Seven Ideas that Shook the Universe, most of us have stepped into the science buildings and realized the facilities need to match the modern age of science.

Because of this, we feel the Board of Trustees’ decision to invest in the sciences is worthwhile. With this decision, the board will help set up Kent State science program graduates to be successful and better prepared for their careers. More graduates will, then, hopefully reflect on their Kent State sciences education positively, whether they took an elective or majored in a science program.

In addition to the fact that this investment will affect all students, Kent State’s growing reputation as a research institution relies on having adequate facilities to be used for valuable research. In order to be leaders in innovation, students and faculty members must have equipment and technology to support them.

The above editorial is the consensus opinion of the The Kent Stater editorial board, whose names are listed above.