Matt’s Flick Pick: ‘Hook’



Matthew Merchant

If you’ve never seen this fanciful adaptation of the Peter Pan story, stop reading this and go watch it. Immediately.

Robin Williams plays a grown-up Peter, a stern lawyer with two kids, who has lost his inner child. Literally. Peter is THE Peter Pan, he just doesn’t remember that he was. When his kids get kidnapped by Captain Hook, played by the marvelous Dustin Hoffman (in a horrible curly wig and too much make-up), and taken to Neverland, Peter must, of course, go and find them. With the help of Tinkerbell, played by Julia Roberts (no Pretty Woman, here), and the Lost Boys — a rag tag group of kids living in trees, skateboarding and sword fighting — Peter battles it out against pirates, crocodiles and the quest to find his inner child.

In the midst of this adventure there are themes of defining fatherhood, the importance of childhood education, living life to its fullest, facing your fears and even loving your inner child.

This film might seem like a crazy taxi ride, but it’s worth the journey. For Robin Williams fans, it might not be his best work. But this cult classic is entertaining, it’s funny, and it’s 1990s storytelling at it’s finest.

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