Matt’s Flick Pick: ‘Black Sheep’

Paramount Pictures

Paramount Pictures

Matthew Merchant

In the spirit of Election Day news coverage and the need for some good old fashion comedy this time in the semester, “Black Sheep” delivers everything to remedy the gubernatorial blues. From 1996 comes one of my favorite Chris Farley movies in existence. The guy could do no wrong. As the quirky, idiotic brother of a man running for governor, Farley has no qualms about off-the-wall antics. To support the would-be governor, Farley and a campaign aide, played by the hilarious David Spade, travel the state, getting out the vote.

In the process, the two set fire to a rec center and the office of a potential supporter, have damaging photos taken of them drinking with kids, destroy the house of a veteran with a giant boulder, and discover a massive voter fraud scheme that involves dead people voting. I mean, tell me that doesn’t sound like the kind of campaign you’d want to work with? With Farley and Spade side-by-side in most every scene, the film is a non-stop comedy show reflective of Farley’s days on Saturday Night Live. It’s crude at times, but for election time, it’s simply perfect.

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