Students needed for Ebola media coverage information

Samantha Ickes

Students, faculty and staff can voice their opinion of Ebola media coverage in a 15 to 20 minute survey until Dec. 15.

Lindsey Myers, a communication and information doctoral student, created the survey to gather information about what media outlets college students use.

“It’s important because it helps us be prepared for public health emergencies in the future,” Myers said.

The survey asks where participants found information about Ebola including local networks, national networks, Facebook and Twitter.

It also aims to find which news platforms participants trust through ratings of various media outlets.

“If we know how to reach college students and who they’re going to trust for information, we have a better chance of successfully handling an emergency,” Myers said.

After completing the survey, participants are eligible to win one of 10 gift cards worth $10 for their choice of either Starbucks or Amazon.

Anyone who wishes to participate can find the survey at

Contact Sammantha Ickes at [email protected].