University Libraries takes time to thank supporters

Olivia Young

University Libraries will host Embrace Recognition on Wednesday on the fourth floor beginning at 11:30 a.m. to honor friends and student workers.

The annual fall semester Embrace Recognition reception focuses on thanking and acknowledging individuals who have supported the University Libraries in the past half-year in some way, said James Bracken, the dean of the university libraries.

The reception will recognize members of the University Libraries’ National Advisory Council and the Faculty Senate’s Library Committee for their voluntary service.

“Both groups help us with advice and more,” Bracken said. “ULNAC is especially important. This is the group that helped the Libraries raise $25,000 last and $15,000 so far this year to allow us to fund the student assistant scholarships. Next year, we’ll be able to give out two.”

Embrace Recognition will also present certificates to individuals who participated in the past semester’s Kent Reads program and recognize the libraries’ graduating students, Bracken said.

“We will also give a ‘Champion of the Library’ award, a new award given by the Libraries’ faculty to a non-library person who has in some way been extraordinarily supportive of the libraries,” Bracken said. “The 2014 award is going to Dr. Theresa Walton of EHHS.”

Bracken said the Embrace Recognition event is all about saying thanks, and the libraries have a lot to be thankful for.

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