BSR Beats: A Psychedelic Escape

Anne Roux

You don’t need drugs to go on a psychedelic vacation — just the right tunes! This playlist is sure to get you feeling good, chilled out and ready to take on the last few weeks of the semester.


Black Moth Super Rainbow – “Dreamsicle Bomb”

BMSR (also known as Satanstompingcaterpillars and TOBACCO) makes experimental music with a perfect infusion of psychedelic feels and electronica. I would recommend checking out all of their work, because it’s all amazing. However, this track is a standout to me because it’s just so much fun!


Riff Raff featuring Childish Gambino – “Lava Glaciers”

In this Harry Fraud produced track from Riff Raff’s 2014 album Neon Icon, Riff and Childish Gambino wax poetic about…actually, I’m not really sure what they’re talking about. But the vocals they sampled for the hook are from a 1970s progressive rock song (“It’s All In The Mind,” by Nectar), and as I’m sure you know, the 1970s were famous for making music that would take the mind on a psychedelic escape.


Trippy Turtle – “Trippy’s Theme”

Trippy Turtle has been speculated to be a number of different producers. His identity remains a mystery but this crazy cartoon video gives his music more personality than most artists can even hope for. What happens, you may ask? Go watch to find out!

Playlist by: Anne Roux, New Music Coordinator