Judge of Portage County Court of Common Pleas, Gen. Div.


Name: Becky Doherty

Background: Becky Doherty has been a practicing trial attorney for 21 years. She was appointed Special Prosecutor by the Portage County Prosecutor and serves as the  Chief Criminal Prosecutor in Mahoning County. Doherty attended the University of Akron law school. She has worked with violent crime and organized crime units and as a drug task force prosecutor. Doherty is a certified Police Academy instructor at Kent State University, which allows her to work with different police agencies.

Why should I care?: If elected, she plans to start a drug court. “Specialized courts are a necessity given the heroin epidemic,” Doherty said .

Message to KSU students:  “The students need a fair judge on the bench,” Doherty said .  



Name: Eugene L. Muldowney

Background: Eugene Muldowney is the Portage County Assistant Prosecuting Attorney. He is a Kent State graduate who also graduated from the Akron School of Law in 1988. Muldowney has been involved with over a thousand felony cases in Portage County and has practiced civil law for 25 years. Muldowney said he is “the most experienced felony prosecutor in Portage County,” and has practiced in all levels of the court system in civil and criminal cases since 1989. The Portage County Sheriff David Doak has endorsed Muldowney. Joseph Kainrad, who is the retired Common Pleas Judge that was the longest sitting judge in Portage County history, has also endorsed Muldowney.

Why Should I Care?: Although the majority of Kent State students can’t vote in this election, it’s still important to understand the Common Pleas Court system and the judge who resides in it. Any Kent State student who commits a felony, or civil and criminal crime in the city of Kent must appear in front of either of the elected officials and the court.

Message to KSU students: “Common Pleas Court handle thousands of civil cases like personal injury cases and other civil disputes between citizens of the county. It is important to have an experienced judge that is fair and impartial to those who come before him,” Muldowney said.