Top four graduation cap pins

Audrey Young

Happy Thanksgiving week, Buzz readers! I don’t know about you, but I am pumped to sit on my couch back home, eat and take naps for five whole days. Unfortunately, this excitement is killing my creativity and focus, so when I sat down to write this, nothing really came to mind immediately. First, I thought I was going to write about Taylor Swift and her awesome night last night, but this quickly bored me. She’s amazing — we all get it. 

Then I thought I could weigh in on the Taylor vs. Spotify dual, which I think is hilarious. People are freaking out, saying they wouldn’t pull their music and that she’s greedy, but we all know we would do the same thing to make money off our music — don’t play innocent.  

Then I decided to just go with what I have been pinning on Pintrest — it’s a form of entertainment in my opinion. Anyway, I am about three weeks out from graduation, which does not seem real. I have been searching for something to wear to graduation, but most importantly how to decorate my graduation cap. These are the top four graduation cap pins that I have found so far. 

1.    It’s all just a game.

Who doesn’t love a good popular show reference with some loan humor thrown in the mix? This one is passive aggressive and perfect to let the university know your true final, financial feelings. If you look at it in a positive light, it’s a reminder that this whole paying loans thing is just one big game — right? 


2.    Booze solved the world’s problems

This might be the one I associate with most. Not only did I whine a lot, but wine got me through the nights when I thought maybe being a waitress my whole life wouldn’t be so bad. I am not saying that it is, it’s just not what I came to college to do. It also got me through the nights when I thought I had enough talent to get out of writing a paper. Wine was a comfort, and expensive wine was a reminder of why I needed to graduate and get a higher-paying job. 


3.  The kid in all of us

I love this one mainly because there is no need to have a clever saying. It’s fun and it comes with glitter —  just create a Superman, Batman, or other superhero logo for you cap. Added bonus: You can run around singing the Spiderman theme song. Just remember, you’re not really a superhero, so don’t try doing any super human tricks as you walk across the stage.  


4.  The classic

Oh, the Places You’ll Go, by Dr. Seuss, was the book we all got from someone at our high school graduation parties. Therefore, it’s only appropriate you come full circle with it, walking across this stage with you. For the sentimentalist out there, this is the perfect idea. Just recreate the book cover or illustrate the idea yourself. Some may see it as boring or unoriginal, but who cares? The beauty of this is you can do what ever the heck you want. 


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