Kelsey’s Flick Pick: ‘Fury’



Kelsey Husnick

In honor of Veterans Day, I’m highlighting a movie that’s still in theaters because, well, it’s worth going to see. “Fury,” Brad Pitt’s latest flick, follows a five-man crew in a Sherman tank in the heart of Nazi Germany. Pitt’s character, Don, is the group’s leader. He’s covered in battle scars from years of service,and has a reputation for making it out of the toughest of situations — his tank is the only one that survives from the third platoon in their trek across the country.

After one of the tank’s crew dies in battle, Don gets a new assistant driver who happens to be rookie only two-weeks into the army. He’s young, scared and doesn’t understand why he has to kill people until he starts to see the horrors of the war first hand. He hesitates when he sees a German in the woods and the enemy soldier blows up the U.S. tank in front of him. He befriends a German girl and then Nazi planes bomb the civilian area where the U.S. soldiers are parked, killing the girl and her sister. 

“Fury” shows a downtrodden U.S. army. The German forces are everywhere, and their tanks are stronger — but Don, no matter how harsh and unlikeable he can be at times, demonstrates the determination of an American soldier. He takes the rookies under his wing and teaches him how to be a fighter. When their tank breaks down because of a landmine and the crew is caught in the way of an entire division of the German army, Don insists on standing his ground. The five men fight against more than a hundred Nazi soldiers in one of the most heart-wrenching war scenes I have ever seen. 

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