Cleveland sports bring big business to local bars

Alex Valverde

It was a big win for the Cleveland Browns last night. They beat the Cincinnati Bengals and took home their sixth win of the season so far.  And tonight the Cleveland Cavaliers take on the Denver Nuggets.

These football wins and the return of Lebron James means that sports fans crowd downtown bars and restaurants to watch the games.

Daniel Friend, the manager of Water Street Tavern, says that every game brings in business.  The Cleveland Home Opener was especially a big day.

“We were crushed for the Cavaliers game,” said Friend.

With four 55″ televisions pushed together to form one big screen, fans can expect a good experience.

Another downtown restaurant that has seen an increase in business is Panini’s Bar and Grill.  Kevin, one of the managers, says that game days generate a lot of hype for the restaurant. And like Water Street Tavern, the Home Opener was a busy night.

“All of our businesses experienced elevated sales,” said Kevin.  “A lot of hype, a lot of excited crowds, a lot of excited fans.”

Fans also stopped in to watch last night’s football game.  Kevin said that while Thursday nights bring in a decent crowd due to football games, the Browns vs. Bengals game had the place packed.

Sports fans are known to rally together to watch a game and root for their team.  If the Browns continue to win and the Cavaliers have a good season, Kent can expect the fans to keep bringing business to downtown.