Matt’s Flick Pick: ‘Insidious’



Matt Merchant

Prepare for a list of horror movie descriptive clichés. This is seriously one of the scariest movies I have ever seen. The first time I watched it I was home alone, at night, with all of the lights off. Bad idea. Definitely one of those movie that will hold you until the very end, “Insidious” tells the story of a family haunted by demons. I know, another cliché, right?

When a family moves into a new house – a creepy, old house, of course – their oldest son falls into a coma. Soon, shadowy figures creep around from behind the curtains, floorboards creak, bloody handprints appear on blankets, and actual demons start to take over the family’s dreams. All the makings of a classic horror film, I know.

However, “Insidious” does something with these elements that is unique. It uses vast differences in color shading – like bright bloody reds and piercing aquamarine blues – to set the different scenes, from the inside of the demon dream world to the surreal bedroom scenes at night. Reactions from the characters are authentic, which gives a sense of real panic and hysteria to the film that translates to the audience. You are guaranteed to be cringing and hiding your eyes from the demons in this film. Perfect for Halloween weekend.

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