BSR Beats: Going Out with a BANG!

Brighid Quinn

The perfect couple of songs to throw on before going out for the night! If you’re with some fellow bubble gum pop fans, they’ll be sure to love these songs. From Canada to the UK — I’ve got you covered on some lovely music from some of my favorite artists around the world.


“Not On Drugs” — Tove Lo

“I’m not on drugz, I’m just in love.” But actually, love can make us all do some crazy things and feel weird. Tove Lo is queen with an accent to match. I prefer her acoustics, but I can definitely jam to this.


“London Queen” — Charli XCX

Charli has been blowing up ever since her feature with Iggy Azalea and “Boom Clap” being featured in “The Fault In Our Stars.” This song is pretty repetitive but I know I’m putting it on this weekend before I go out.


“Froot” — Marina and the Diamonds

Marina is an amazing pop princess with a voice made for an opera to match. It’s been so long since she has released something new. This is a fresh song with simple lyrics. A perfect introductory song to a new album.


“Don’t Go Home Without Me” – Lights

Ok, so so far there are no Americans on this playlist. Hailing from Canada, Lights just put out a new album. This is by far my favorite song on it. She sings of her long lasting relationship and how much she appreciates her hubby. Can they adopt me?


“Florida Kilos” – Lana Del Rey

Lana is am emotional, lyrical genius. From her album, “Ultraviolence,” Lana sings about a risky relationship and the destructive things her and her man get into.

Playlist by: Brighid Quinn, Web Content Director