Opinion: Buzzfeed’s relatable one-liners

Audrey Young

Stress is a common problem for college students and adults. This semester, being my last, has turned into the most stressful and mentally exhausting one yet. December, where are you? This may be the first time in history I want to rush through fall and into winter. Through my many all-nighters this fall I have found many ways to de-stress and avoid freaking out — sometimes Starbucks PSLs are just not enough to calm the nerves. 

While taking breaks between assignments, I came across Buzzfeed videos and now it is safe to say Buzzfeed is the ultimate tool for stress relievers as well as procrastinators. 

Here are the top reasons you should start procrastinating — I mean stress relieving — with Buzzfeed videos now. 

They’re hilariously relatable

A friend of mine who is in a committed relationship brought this first Buzzfeed video I watched to my attention. Knowing that I am in one as well, she thought I would find “Weird things couples do in public” funny — and I did. Then I stumbled upon “Weird things all couples do” and “Weird things couples fight about.” The main reason I find the couples series so funny because I can relate. Whether you are in a relationship or have been in the past, this couple is so quirky and funny, it’s contagious. 

Favorite couples series one liners: 

“Double Weenies!” 

“Should we be mingling?” 

“Wanna get Taco Bell on the way home?” 

“This is disgusting…taste it.” 

“No…wait, no.” 

“No, the toilet paper goes under so the cats don’t get at it.” 

They’re awkwardly adorable 

As I have gotten older I have found awkwardness to be an adorable, likeable trait. Buzzfeed has a knack for showing us all the awkward things we do and making them funny. Videos that fall into this category as a must see are “Awkward ways to ask if he’s single” and “Waiting for your crush to text you.” We have all been in these situations, so now we can sit back and laugh about it in the comfort of our own homes. 

Favorite awkwardly adorable one liners: 

“Quick, name a lady!”

“I’m currently doing a survey on single people…umm yes?” 

“Can you test me? Yeah I just want to make sure my phones working.” 

“I don’t even have time for this.”

“I’m a grown woman.”

They’re outrageously informative  

While you may not be learning anything you are supposed to be learning for school or work, Buzzfeed will still teach you things like “What does basic mean?” or “How to write a Taylor Swift song.” Which, when you think about it, is a very useful lesson because Taylor Swift is famous and rich because of how she writes songs. You never know, Buzzfeed might make you famous if you take the advice.

Favorite informative one liners:

“Give you $90 for Chipotle on your birthday.”

“…Like some clumsy farmers”

“Oh nothing…what?” 

“I really have no clue what basic means”

“Keith aint Basic”

“Mathematically speaking that is a f*** ton.” 

You can watch all of the videos above on Buzzfeed’s website. However, I am not, and will not, be held responsible if you get addicted. 

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