Center for the Visual Arts to bring School of Art under one roof

Brittany Rees

Kent State will celebrate the launch of construction on the Center for the Visual Arts on Thursday, Oct. 9 at 4 p.m. The new center will bring all of the School of Art programs under one roof in the central part of campus near Stopher and Johnson halls.

The celebration will take place on the second floor of Cartwright Hall Atrium, where attendees will be able to overlook the entire construction space east of Terrace Drive.

The project will include renovations to existing buildings Van Deusen and the Art Annex by connecting them to the main center. When finished, it will mark the first time all of the School of Art’s classes have been taught in the same building since 1960.

“The Center for the Visual Arts will be a great opportunity for us finally to all be under one roof,” School of Art Director Christine Havice said. “Right now we’re spread across six buildings.”

Currently, classes within the School of Art are spread out between the Art Building, Art Annex, Van Deusen Hall, Terrace Annex, Ceramics Studio and the Glass Studio.

Kent State President Beverly Warren will speak at Thursday’s launch, along with John Crawford, the dean of the College of the Arts.

The launch celebration is free and open to the public.

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