KSU student arrested at Province for aggravated menacing

Madeline Winer

A Kent State freshman was charged with aggravated menacing at The Province at 609 S. Lincoln St.

Police arrested Abdullah Hassan Aldossary, a freshman medical technology major, after he allegedly pulled a kitchen knife on Forrest Paige, a senior architecture major.

Paige said he heard two men knocking on doors at the Province around midnight last Wednesday. He said he initially didn’t answer his door but went to talk to one of them after they continued to knock on each apartment door. Paige said he questioned one of the men about the knocking, who said both he and his companion were trying to find a new roommate. Paige went inside his house to put on shoes to talk to his upstairs neighbor about them, which is when one man tried to open Paige’s front door, reaching into his back pocket. Paige said the man had a kitchen knife in his back pocket.

 He called police, who arrested Aldossary in connection with the incident. Police said the case is still being under investigation.

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