“Authentik” potential


Rachael Le Goubin / The Kent Stater PJ Camargo, sophomore human movement major, leads a practice session for the members of Authentik in the Student Center Monday, Oct. 6, 2014. From left to right Brandon Lazenko, PJ Camargo, Miriam Yohannes and Sarah Restifo.

Joy TaMar Moorer

Nemesio “PJ” Camargo, a sophomore human movement major, never thought he’d become a choreographer. He also said he never thought he’d be the founder of a dance organization — he never thought he’d have the time. 

Yet he found time to dance while working in the Student Center late at night, and a passion for it began to grow. His passion for dance began to spark ideas and those ideas turned into a vision. A movement, actually.  

“I started working at the Student Center third shift, and I would get done with everything so fast that I would start dancing a lot,” he said. “I (saw) this guy named Brian Puspos and he tells stories through music, very emotional and lyrical hip hop … (then) I knew this was what I wanted to do” 

Now, his passion and vision are coming together to form a reality. Camargo formed Authentik Movement, a student dance group on campus, this fall. 

“The ‘k’ in Authentik Movement means kinetic energy, which basically means to transfer movement, so it’s kind of a unique thing,” Camargo said. “My mission was just to expand and inspire through movement.”

Authentik Movement adds to the diversity of dance teams here at Kent. No two teams are alike in structure, music or style. 

Jordan Lewis, a senior English major and co-captain of Legacy Dance Team, said it was the team’s versatile style that intrigued and caused him to join the team more than three years ago. 

“I would say that (Legacy does) pretty much everything,” he said. “That’s what made me like it so much, it made me more adaptable and versatile in my dance. I like hip-hop, I like to do hip-hop movements, but Legacy challenged me to try ballet, try modern movements.” 

Loreal Randall, a junior fashion merchandising major and co-captain of Golden Reflections, said her dance team also focuses on variety.

“We get a lot of young women and young men who specialize in one area before they come to school, so it’s hard trying to be one style of dance,” she said. 

Camargo describes Authentik Movement’s style as lyrical hip-hop, but even then there is room for versatility. 

“I would say it’s street style. I started off b-boyin’ and poppin’, so I have a lot of background in b-boyin. But I would call it lyrical hip-hop because I’m literally telling stories through the movement,” he said. 

Camargo’s mission for Authentik Movement is more than just dance. One doesn’t need experience to be a part of this team.

“It’s all about following one’s authentic movement, and that means following your passion,” he said. “If you run, that’s your authentic movement and we can incorporate that.”

Camargo said it’s about following what’s true to oneself and becoming the best one can be.

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