Letter to the editor: Who owns our resources?

Kathy Schumann

Why are we drilling for more oil when it is polluting the atmosphere and causing more oil spills and earthquakes? Just go down a couple levels and the answer is money.

The oil and gas industry has made it its business to make sure we are dependent on fossil fuels — not because we are addicts, but because they are addicted to the money. We are ready and willing to make the leap to renewables and conservation, but we know that is not something most people can do without help from government and community. Passing Issue 21 on Nov. 4 gives the citizens of Kent the voice to say “no” to fossil fuel extraction and injection wells, and “yes” to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, including quality of life — priceless.

We see what is happening to our neighboring communities as big oil plunders their air, land and water resources. Portage County is a sacrifice zone, referred to as “Potty County,” with millions of gallons of toxic frack waste injected underground — but for whose profit?

Some of Kent’s leaders worry more about their stock portfolios than the health and welfare of “we the people.” They need to be reminded that we live on a finite planet. The members of the Kent Environmental Rights Group (KERG) love Kent and the earth. Do not be fooled by our opponent’s scare tactics. You are intelligent and rational. Now is the time for City of Kent voters to stand up for democracy and vote “yes” on Issue 21 on Nov. 4!            

— Kathy Schumann, Kent, OH