Our View: Planning further than pre-gaming

Kent Stater editors

Students are subject to peer pressure every day of the week, often being pressured to drink alcohol. With Homecoming week upon us, students will most likely be even more tempted to go out with friends to celebrate.

If you plan to drink at all–and even if you don’t plan to–always have a plan when you go out. If you live outside of Kent, call a cab or stay with friends in town. If you drive your own vehicle but live close to campus, just walk. It is not worth the possible consequences if you are caught driving after drinking. OVI charges or increased insurance rates–even the possibility of getting into an accident–should be enough to cause students to rethink driving after drinking.

Our front page story today is about a bill in the Ohio legislature known as “Annie’s Law.” This proposed law would require first-time drunk driving offenders to have a Breathalyzer installed in their vehicles. Because yellow license plates and criminal charges often aren’t enough to prevent driving under the influence, we believe a law like this is admirable and worth pushing through the legislature.

However, we also believe that no student or person should get to the point where they would have to face that consequence. Being responsible for yourself while drinking is one thing, but being responsible for those who could face the consequences of your actions is another. It’s even more important.

We believe that learning to make intelligent decisions is part of the college experience. As a college-age adult, if you choose to drink, choose not to drive. Or at least choose to have a plan B. Yes, enjoy the experiences that college provides, but do so responsibly so laws like “Annie’s Law” don’t have to be proposed in the first place.