Visual Kent


Kent State wide receiver Chris Humphrey looks up after missing the last chance for a touchdown during the game against The University of Massachusetts Saturday, Oct. 12, 2014.

Jacob Byk

Kent State football has had a rough time this semester. From losing Jason Bitsko to the devastating defeat against The Ohio State University, Kent State is struggling. But even after the last touchdown slipped through Chris Humphrey’s fingertips (when Kent still would have had no chance at winning), when he looked up, he still had fire in his eyes. People don’t just give up when times get hard, because that’s when they are being scrutinized the most closely. They aren’t praised for their successes for what they achieved when everything seemed to be going fine. They are praised, honored, for their successes for what they did when nothing was going their way, and how they handled that. Those moments are truly what define character, because struggle is what gives people the ability to truly desire. Anyone can overcome anything so long as the fire, the desire for success, does not go out. Clearly, Humphrey still has some fire left.

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