Bringing the laughs at BUS Comedy show

“Ya’ll ready to get real?” asked Cocoa Brown as she danced onto the stage Saturday night.

Brown, best known for her roles in Tyler Perry’s “Single Mom’s Club,” was the headlining act at Black United Student’s annual Homecoming Comedy show on Saturday night in the Student Center Ballroom.

Comedians Will “Spank” Horton, known for his performance on comedian Kevin Hart’s Plastic Cup Boyz Tour, and Lav Luv,  winner of Bill Bellamy’s “Who’s Got Jokes?” and warmed up the crowd before Brown’s performance.

Much of Brown’s comedy routine involved the differences between skinny girls and big girls. She had the crowd crying out with laughter as she joked about not understanding why guys like girls with “big asses.”

“I need my big girls to stop trying to compete with these skinny chicks,” she said, especially with big girls wearing yoga pants. With the Ebola situation in the U.S., Brown said “skinny girls going to die first,” but Brown claimed she would end up looking like Halle Berry from the weight loss.

“I ain’t just going to talk the big girls, though,” Brown said. “I got a bone to pick with all ya’ll skinny girls too.”

She said guys like a woman that can cook and that “has some meat on her bones.”

It wasn’t all comedy, either. Brown “got serious” at some points, encouraging the women in the audience to use protection – the golden wrapper condom – when getting serious with guys.

“There’s no reason for you to be a victim,” she said.

Horton, who took the stage before Brown, joked around with the majority African-American audience as he reflected on college life.

“I left my last semester with two B’s and three W’s,” he said. “When I took that home to my mom she asked, ‘What’s a W?’ I was like yeah, it means I won! I won!”

A former Alpha Phi Alpha member, Horton shouted out to each black fraternity and sorority at KSU. Some screeched, others barked and raised their hands showing their Greek organization’s hand signals from their seats.

Leia Belt, director of programming for BUS and a senior psychology and sociology major, said BUS chose Brown to headline the event because she’s a widely known comedian, with credits on the Tyler Perry movies and Progressive commercial.

“Sometimes it’s hard with female comedians because it gets really raunchy and vulgar and stuff like that, but she’s someone that everyone can enjoy and is also hilarious,” Belt said. “We know that families come back for this event, and we want everyone to have a good time and not have people feel uncomfortable.”

Dalvin George, a senior communications major, said he enjoyed his first time at the BUS comedy show.

“It was epic,” he said. “By far, my favorite was Cocoa. She was hilarious.”

Fallon Webster, a 2010 KSU graduate, said she remembers when BUS brought Kat Williams in 2005 and Kevin Hart in 2006 to campus. She said this year’s comedy show reflected the caliber of talent the organization had when she was a student.

“It was a good show this year,” she said. “In years past, it has been disappointing. She is a fan favorite which helps.”

Matthew Thompson, president of BUS, said the turnout had increased at this year’s show compared to year’s past.

“The turnout was nice. We did a lot of tabling and took a more personal approach not just the same social media thing,” he said. “We also made a big push to bridge the gap between our students and alumni.”

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