Opinion: Ebola this, Ebola that


Marvin Logan is a senior Pan-African studies major and a columnist for The Kent Stater. Contact him at [email protected]

Marvin Logan

Lately, it seems that we hear about the same five things on TV, from ISIS to Ebola. There has been national hysteria over the Ebola virus. Wednesday, our campus and national media was in an uproar of the speculation that the inevitable arrival of an outbreak was upon us in Northeast Ohio. I can’t say I’m surprised, but I am irrevocably displeased with much of the reaction.

It’s never OK to spread rumors and misinformation to incite a panic. In the uncontrollable world of social media, ignorance ran rapid as countless retweets and posts filled users’ timelines with frenzy over whether we were all safe. Loved ones expressed concern over the well-being of their friends and family. A ball of confusion surrounded all those affected.

The immediate reaction for many was self-preservation. We had an entire community panicking, and it’s times like these when the best thing we can do is help each other in spite of the perceived personal risk. Instead, we were overcome with crazed ideas, speculation and ignorance.

I found pride, however, in the reaction of our leadership. President Beverly Warren, more affectionately known as “Bev,” responded with confidence and fervor. When we needed her most, she reacted with the care and concern you’d expect from someone you can entrust the future of your children with. Enrollment Management and Student Affairs moved swiftly to provide information and support from the local health authorities. And what I’m most proud of is the spirited messages from our student leaders, urging our constituents to use factual information from reliable sources.

I would like to lastly bring attention to Amber Vinson. She is a hero in my book. She fought on the front lines of a crisis to save someone’s life in a time of peril. Although she seems to have been vilified on several social networks, we must remember that she is a daughter, a caregiver and a friend. Don’t take that away from her.

It is comforting to know that we still beat as a community even through the rough start to the year we’ve had.  Although outside factors have created a hindrance, we still remain strong. That trait is engrained in us here in this part of the nation. We pull through hard times, and that is Northeast Ohio—that is Kent State. We are family. Stay together, Golden Flashes.