Visual Kent


The Kent State Fashion School put on a small scale fashion show for the Ohio Newspaper Association Convention in the Kent State Hotel in Kent on Sunday night.

Jake Byk

The Kent State Fashion Program, headed by J.R Campbell, is nationally, and even internationally, renowned. From New York to Florence, Italy, the program continues to surprise and impress everyone — including the Ohio Newspaper Association. This weekend, big names in the newspaper industry met at the Kent State Hotel and Conference Center to discuss how changing to digital instead of print hinders and boosters the world of journalism. Randomly enough, during the cocktail hour of the event, models from the fashion school lined up in the architectural marvel of the hotel’s back hallways with reflective glass panels. The 60 or so industry professionals watched as models showed off the Fashion School’s program with hand-crafted garments. Kent State continues to make its name known in even the most random of places. 

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