PRIDE to host first Amateur Drag Pageant

Arbrion Chambliss

PRIDE will host its first Amateur Drag Pageant this Thursday at 8 p.m. in the Governance Chambers located in the Kent State Student Center.

An information segment will teach the audience about Ball culture, a subculture for the LGBTQ community in which people compete for trophies and prizes.

Four local drag queens will perform following the informational session: Azia Sparks of The Funky Skunk, Angel Sapphire Diamond of Adams Street, Joy Montero of Cocktails and Arista Adams of the Interbelt.

Amateurs will have the chance to showcase their talent in a drag competition judged by the drag queens themselves. All forms of drag, including kings and androgynous performers are welcome.

The show is free of charge. Those interested in entering can sign up in the PRIDE office on the first floor of the Student Center. Registration will be open until the day of the show. 

Contact Aubrion Chambliss at [email protected].