Our View: Apple decides to no longer sell the iPod Classic, taking a piece of our childhood with it

KS Editors

With all of the talk about the new iPhone 6/6 Plus, Apple Watch and iOS8, Apple simply forgot to mention that they were no longer making the iPod Classic, the last iPod available with the click-wheel design.

The removal of the classic shows a changing of the times where streaming music from the web prevails over purchasing music to store on an 160GB device (which is a storage capacity that was inconceivable at one time).

The progress of technology is inevitable, and it often makes our lives easier. The iPod allowed us to stop carrying around CDs and portable CD players that always skipped when you walked, and now streaming music gives us the ability to get endless hours of music through our phones.

But saying goodbye to traditional iPods is also saying goodbye to part of our childhood. With their click-wheels and slim designs, iPods were essential while we were growing up. You could add your favorite TV shows, movies and days worth of music to them. These iPods were there for us during airplane flights, long car rides, runs and walks. We can’t help but feel nostalgic.

It’s difficult to think that just as we look at our parents’ record collections, someday our children will look at our iPods and think, “How old!”

We will never get rid of these relics of our past. We will hold on to them and maybe still use them from time to time, but we will also welcome the progress of technology and embrace streaming music on our new iPhones, no matter how nostalgic we feel.

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