Opinion: When is enough, enough?

Marvin Logan is a senior Pan-African Studies major and a columnist for The Kent Stater. Contact him at [email protected].

Marvin Logan

In recent weeks, the National Football League has received quite a bit of coverage for everything but football. In an era where access is at an all -time high, we have the opportunity to peer into the lives of celebrities. Athletes have been no exception. Abuse, and the lack of care to stop it, has been the topic of discussion lately in sports; but the question is, what is it all really saying?

It’s saying that we as Americans do not value life. Domestic abuse is an issue that faces more than 7 million men, women and children a year.

Within the past year, at least two domestic violence cases have been reported in the NFL, with former Ravens’ running back Ray Rice and current Carolina Panthers defensive end Greg Hardy only the latest cases. Rice is awaiting trial in a diversion program to receive counseling with his wife, while Hardy was convicted of domestic violence and threats of death to his former girlfriend.

The NFL has not made a strong statement against the issue nor openly supported causes towards abuse and violence prevention. The NFL took swift action against Ray Rice last week, but that is now being called into question because they may have had access to the information previously. How long will we as fans, and more importantly, how long will we as human beings stand by and remain silent while these atrocities go unchecked.

This past week, Minnesota Vikings running back Adrian Peterson was charged with child abuse. Personally, I am torn on this particular topic. Culturally, corporal punishment differs in different communities and regions. However, this is another act of violence that has been associated with a professional athlete. When will we say enough is enough? When will we be brave enough to stand up and speak out and do the job that those we give billions of dollars to refuse to do so. How can we stand and let these defenseless humans continue to be subjected to such damning acts of violence?

How much will we as citizens submit to this kind of culture? How long will we continue to promote these issues without checking our moral compass? I am willing to take a stand. Will you?