Opinion: 101 ways to get involved

Marvin Logan is a senior Pan-African Studies major and a columnist for The Kent Stater. Contact him at [email protected]

Marvin Logan

In the past couple of weeks, students have been flooded with opportunities to enhance their undergraduate experience. From pep rallies and Blastoff to Student Center tabling and the Black Squirrel Festival, different departments and student organizations have encouraged you to take charge and do something meaningful behind these walls other than taking notes and reading books. 

However, when you see more than 275 student organizations, several departments and the Center for Student Involvement encouraging you to create your own niche (if you haven’t already found one), it can be overwhelming. I would hate to relive the experience of seeing so many great opportunities to get involved and being worried about making the wrong choice. I’m here to tell you from experience, there is no such thing as “the wrong choice” when it comes to getting involved. The only wrong decision you can make is to not get involved at all. 

Student involvement has been a life-changing opportunity for me, and it can do the same for you. I’ve traveled to other countries, made friends across the globe and had people like Usher Raymond as mentors because I took a chance. I challenge you to take that chance. 

Use a program like Peer Involvement Advising, or check out a meeting where they’re offering free pizza. Check out a student media audition. You’ll never have the opportunity to dip and dabble in just about everything ever again in life at no cost to you but time. Say you don’t know what you want to do, no problem, all you have to do is find your fit.

One particular group of students I have to applaud would be our cultural student organizations. They work tirelessly to celebrate their cultures and bring a piece of the world that you’ve never seen before right to your doorstep. We have more than 100 countries represented at Kent State and there is probably an organization that is devoted to celebrating each of those cultures. 

Our political organizations, such as Black United Students, also give us an opportunity to stay connected with the beat of the world. BUS had a beautiful demonstration last week to shed light on an ugly atrocity like police brutality. 

In closing, some say they can’t quite find something to do. No problem because we’ve got what you need to make something to do. If many of you have an abundance of energy and good ideas, then perfect, go find something that speaks to those passions you have. You want the full college experience. We are Kent State, and we are proud of it. With blemishes and all, we are here to stay. You should be too!