The American Tapestry Biennial 10 meets Kent State University Museum

Felicia Ssempala

The American Tapestry Alliance has been touring museums doing exhibits on tapestry all over the world.  This year they are making a pit stop at the Kent State University Museum. The American Tapestry Biennial 10 exhibit will be on display from Sept. 25, 2014 to Jan. 4, 2015 in the Broadbent Gallery. 

Jessica Hemmings, a professor and head of the faculty of Visual Culture at the National College of Art and Design in Dublin, Ireland juried “American Tapestry Biennial 10” and wrote one of the catalogue essays.

 “The American Tapestry Biennial 10 is a unique opportunity to see the very best of contemporary tapestry practice in the USA. The huge variety of work in the show illustrates how versatile tapestry weaving is as a medium,” Francesca Baseby, author of catalogue essay for the exhibit said in an email interview from Edinburgh, Scotland.

This exhibit is “one of the things we do in coordination with the School of Art and the Fiber Arts program,” said Jean Druesedow, fashion museum director. 

Janice Lessman-Moss, a professor in the Textile Arts program at Kent State, has been to exhibits by the American Tapestry Alliance a couple of times before and thinks it is great that American Tapestry Alliance will be coming to Kent State University.

 “Their exhibits are quite interesting because they use a range of styles. There are a lot of different types of imagery, expression and scale.” Lessman-Moss said.

American Tapestry Biennial 10 was chosen to feature in the Kent State University Museum because Druesedow said: “It will be really interesting to see and quite different from anything we often have.”

This exhibit is viewing by fashion majors, art majors and everything in between.

“Even if you don’t respond to all the work, you’re going to find something you love. And you’re going to find something that is going to impress you in terms of the techniques, imagery and how they used color,” Lessman-Moss said.

At exhibitions such as this one, she said, “There is always something to be (learned).”

For more information on the exhibit can be found on the Kent State Museums website.

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