KSU Geauga installs new wind turbine

Kianna Bugglin

Kent State University Geauga Campus installed a new wind turbine this fall that will reduce energy costs and cut down on carbon emissions, said university officials.

The 3000-watt turbine was installed in late August and is the first wind energy project at any of the university’s eight campuses.

Bob Misbrener, project manager for KSU’s Office of the University Architect, said he is excited about the sustainable changes the new turbine will bring.

“It will have more of an environmental impact,” Misbrener said. “If the wind is proper at night, it can power up to 70 percent of the entire parking lot lighting, which is pretty substantial.”

The turbine has a conduit, or underground connection, to a campus electrical grid and can help power other parts of the campus.

This will also help the university cut down on energy costs, which can save up to $1,200 a year.

“It will help us offset some of our financial costs,” Business Services Administrator at Kent State Geauga John Granny said. “We could look from about $100 a month to $120 a month in saving and utility costs.”

The turbine was located on a local farm owned by Don Clark, who said in his old age he could not handle the upkeep.

“It’s our friend and neighbor,” said Director of Advancement Dave Day. “He is pleased in hopes that the campus will realize energy savings, and also create an environment for students and faculty to learn and possibly engage in some research opportunities.”

Granny hopes that the installation will encourage other campuses to take part in wind sustainability projects to conserve energy on other campuses.

“Part of the reason we wanted to push through with this project was that we are hoping it sets the example for the rest of the system to follow through and increase our presence in this area,” Granny said. “To me, it sends a message to the community that we want to reduce the carbon footprint from our operation here in this county, and it’s important to us.”

Day also said the turbine was already garnering local interest and has been well-received.

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