Letter to the Editor: Julio Pino

Julio Pino

Letter to a child, burnt by fire, in Gaza:

Preamble: “Every spectator is a coward or a traitor.”

When did the planes come over your house, little angel? Were they bearing the logo of the Israeli corporate empire? Did the pilots blink before dropping tons of bombs? How they shame the Children of Israel, whom Allah loved more than any other nation, and who today are commissioned to squash the weak, puff up the strong and destroy all those who speak the language of the Quran!

How many brothers, sisters, cousins and neighbors did you watch die before your pretty little eyes? How long did it take for medical teams, innocent, under fire and with the loftiest of missions, to reach your house? What is left of your school, now isles of piles of bricks and burnt books? Why are you not granted the same right to food, shelter and a future, like every other child?

Forgive me, sister, if words are all I have to offer you today. At home I am accused of stirring hatred, promoting terrorism and maliciously accusing those who seek to harm you. My anger is only for the Evil Minded, and my sole purpose is to enrage the Good Ones of these United States to assemble in order to save you. We are the majority on this planet, not the earth-scorchers. We will protect you. We will avenge you, and our revenge will be your smile on the first day of freedom for Palestine.

Peace Be Upon You.

Dr. Julio Pino,

The Slave of Allah

Julio Pino is Associate Professor of History at Kent State University.