Opinion: Black United Students’ thoughts on Ferguson

The ongoing situation in Ferguson, Missouri and concurrent deaths of black citizens at the hand of law enforcement prompts needed discussion and action. We believe emphasis should be placed on the fact that law enforcement must be forced to be more accountable for these deaths. Individuals in those positions of power need to hold a sense of responsibility. It is our feeling that accepting accountability has been exchanged with insulting the character of these victims. We feel the case of Michael Brown, specifically, has become a platform to discuss the fact that police brutality against black citizens is not a myth. This issue becomes even more pressing when we consider that the majority of victims were unarmed and, allegedly, cooperative at the time of their death. Even more upsetting, we feel, is the lack of media coverage pertaining to similar shootings of black citizens. Some incidents that have, seemingly, been brushed under the rug happened right here in the state of Ohio. As Black United Students, we feel that these instances prove that this issue can no longer be ignored. As long as we continue to sit back with the mindset that someone else will take initiative, we are risking the lives of more black citizens. Black United Students will not be silent in this time of urgency. As we move forward with our planned action, we hope others will join to have their voice be heard.