Teafaced: Explore Kent’s coffee scene this fall

Carley Hull

Kent State may have been your college of choice based on a competitive academic program, great campus atmosphere or simply because it was the right place to be. Little did you know you should have chosen Kent State based on its small, but impressive coffee scene.

The next 16 weeks you are probably going to be consuming more coffee (or tea for the tea lovers out there) than you probably thought humanly possible. You will develop coffee dependency and maybe even super coffee senses as your floormates brew coffee behind closed dorm room doors. Don’t just buy a pack of K-cups or cheap Maxwell house coffee, use your time at Kent State to explore all the coffee scenes and, of course, try everything.

Scribbles Coffee Company

237 North Water Street

What to order: Matcha coconut latte, iced coffee with lavender white mocha syrup

Scribbles is an independent, family-operated coffee shop that originally opened in Northern Kentucky in 2002, but lucky for us it eventually came to Kent. If any one place could sum up the diversity in Kent, Scribbles is it. You’ll see steampunk middle-agers hanging out on the patio, students, businessmen and hippies with dreadlocks. The shop features classic fair trade coffee roasted in Cincinnati and specialty drinks with strange flavors like lavender (a personal favorite). Behind the bar area there are shelves and shelves of books for your reading pleasure and scrap paper on the tables for your inner doodle artist.

Tree City Coffee and Pastry

135 E Erie St

What to order: Oregon chai tea latte, Tree City maple latte

Tree City Coffee and Pastry is the pride and joy of many Kent students. The atmosphere is very relaxed and great for studying — if you can find a seat. It is no secret that this place is popular for it’s direct-trade and organic coffee, peanut butter sandwiches and pastries. It also has a drive through that is both incredible and adorable if you want to beat the crowd. Every month or so the baristas create delicious specialty drinks to go with the season. Definitely take the time to try the new drinks and don’t be afraid to reorder them later on.


436 E Main St.

What to order: Dalai lama (a baristas twist on the chai tea latte), Hazelnut macchiato

What’s so special about a Starbucks in Kent? The baristas. Kent’s Starbucks has some of the kindest, most enthusiastic baristas. On a rough day they know you need another shot of espresso and they will eagerly persuade you to try their new concoctions. You’ll get quality drinks from this Starbucks and good service. Plus, fashion and journalism students, it’s right by your buildings so late night Starbucks runs are a must.

Dunkin’ Donuts

1370 E. Main St.

What to order: Iced Coffee

Dunkin just came to Kent this year, and it has not disappointed. It’s a cheaper alternative to your caffeine cravings, and it has a drive through for last minute coffee before class. They also have great coupons from time to time and one day gave out free iced coffee. For a quick and cheap fix, Dunkin is the place to go.

Bent Tree Coffee Roasters

313 N. Water St.

What to order: Guatemala Huehuetenango, Peru Norte

You may never step into Bent Tree, but you will definitely have it. Bent Tree is not a coffee shop, but rather a coffee roaster. This means they bring back the coffee and actually roast the beans here in Kent. Also a company offering fair trade and organic coffees from around the world, Bent Tree offers a cultural experience with your coffee. Flavors range from hints of chocolate to lemon, and new coffees are always on the way. Bent Tree also partners up with a lot of coffee providers around campus. You can find an assortment of Bent Tree coffee brewed at Food4Thought in White Hall and Bowman Hall, brewed and bagged at Kent Market in the Student Center, and bagged at Munchies Market Prentice Hall, Eastway Market and Deli and Rosie’s Diner and Market in Tri-towers.

Carley Hull is the fall editor for Kentwired.com. Contact her at [email protected].

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