New software system aims to help students study abroad

Jenna Francis

Kent State global education officials hope the software system, Terra Dotta, will make the process of studying abroad easier for students. The new system will be available for use fall of 2014.

 Ediz Kaykayoglu, assistant director of education abroad in the Office of Global Education, said the new system is an upgrade from how the office used to deal with applications, forms and scholarships.

 “Not everything was in one place, so we had to compile them together,” Kaykayoglu said. “It’s a better management system for us.”

 Kaykayoglu said Terra Dotta is compatible with the Banner system that Kent State uses for managing student information.

 “We are no longer asking for transcripts from students because we will see that in the system,” Kaykayoglu said.

 Many officials in the Office of Global Education said they are pleased that the new system is user friendly.

 “What I’m really excited about is it’s a pretty advanced search function, ” said Elizabeth Davis, education abroad advisor.

 Davis said students can search for programs by majors, colleges, terms and many other options. She said the new system has a checklist function that will help students prepare for their studying abroad experience.

 “Students can see how far they are in the process, see what they’re missing and it sends reminders to them saying they have things left to do,” she said.

 Faculty members aren’t the only people who think Terra Dotta will be beneficial.

 Sophomore managerial marketing major Beth Coccia, who just returned from studying abroad in Florence, said when she was preparing to study abroad it was a bit unorganized because not all the information was in one place. 

 Coccia said she found information about studying abroad from her first year experience teacher.

 “I think if all the information was online and the filling out was online it would be easier,” she said, “because it would all be right there for you to look at.”

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