Fan-I-Am app to bring FLASHperks like rewards from athletics

Josh Yager

Beginning fall semester 2014, Kent State students will have the opportunity to download a new mobile app from the Athletic Department. Fan-i-Am, a rewards program similar to FLASHperks, will allow students to win prizes and a chance to participate in different athletic sponsored programs.

Heather Cook, director of marketing for the Kent State Athletics Department, said the Fan-i-Am app is to track student attendance and enhance the experience the students have at games. She said this app also gives students more incentives to attend the games.

“The time that FLASHperks would have to put into every game would be a lot,” Cook said. “We figured we would take that on our shoulders and we want to be at every game to give the students the opportunity to win prizes for all of our sporting events instead of just a select few.”

Jessica Henderson, athletics assistant marketing coordinator, said you can earn points by inviting friends, making sure your profile is complete, uploading photos, being involved in contests and more. She said prizes range from sideline passes, key chains, hats, meeting or having lunch with a coach, leading the team out on the field and more.

Cook said this is a great app for people to get more connected with the athletics program and to get additional information about sporting events. 

“The app is capable of sending out notifications to inform you about games today or a game coming up or what promotions we will be doing at the game,” Cook said. “You can get a lot of information through your app as well which is a huge perk since most people are learning about things through social media today.”

Nathan Clark, senior accounting major, said he thinks this app will bring more students to the games.

“Anytime you win something free would be good so that’s definitely fun,” Clark said. “I think it will get students to go…”

Cook said unlike FLASHperks, which cannot be earned at some events, this Fan-i-Am will be available at all sporting events.

For student without smartphones, an online version will be available that will allow them to participate in the rewards program. 

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