FlashFest 2014 performers announced on Twitter

Endya Watson

Undergraduate Student Government confirmed today that the band Scavenger Hunt, Ab-Soul and the band Capital Cities will be performing at this year’s FlashFest on Thursday, April 24th. 

The official announcement came from the twitter page of Marvin Logan, director of USG programming. 

Logan built up the reveal throughout the day on Twitter and gave the final confirmed performers in three different tweets.

Logan and other members of the programming board are in charge of choosing the performers that come for FlashFest. According to Logan, a few key factors go into the decision. 

“We try to chose performers with genres that will compliment each other,” Logan said. “The programmers and I pay attention to up and coming artists, billboards charts, and people we feel would fit student interest when making the final decision.” 

The three performers will bring a variety of music genres to FlashFest. Scavenger Hunt with electro-pop, Ab-Soul’s hip hop inspired music and Capital Cities’ indie rock sound. 

According to Logan, FlashFest will include a day of events and entertainment outside leading up to the performances. 

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