Letter to the Editor: April 9, 2014

Joshua Lewis

My name is Joshua Lewis. I am a sophomore here at Kent State, and I am heavily involved on campus as a student leader. Each day I read the Stater and never before have I been nearly as appalled as I am today.

As I read the opinion page today, I was shocked and rather disgusted by the comic at the top of the page depicting Pope Francis and two Cardinals. The assumption of the comic is that the Church is not sincere and that those who have devoted their life to God are insincere.  

As a Roman Catholic, I’m disturbed that anyone would think this comic — especially seeing that it wasn’t drawn by a Kent State student — was appropriate to post.

While I understand the desire to create healthy debate and thought-provoking conversation, the only thing this article is capable of doing is shaming a religion that was founded on the values of faith, piety and charity.

It is my serious concern that the Roman Catholic students on this campus are shown no respect by the printing of this comic in a student newspaper and that freedom of the press is the excuse for offending one of the most charitable organizations in the world.

I would be equally as enraged if a racially discriminatory column or comic were posted. It is not my job to disrespect anyone else’s religion, nor is it the position of the Daily Kent Stater to print something so unnecessarily controversial.

There were other comics that could have been posted from various newspapers in the country. I found this comic distasteful and would never seek to offend anyone in this manner.

These comments are mine as an individual and not endorsed by any of organizations in which I am involved (Undergraduate Student Government, Black United Students, the Division of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion), nor is it the opinion of the Newman Center or the Catholic Student Association.