Katie’s Flick Pick: ‘Recess: School’s Out”

Poster courtesy of Walt Disney Television Animations

Poster courtesy of Walt Disney Television Animations

Katie Nix

As the semester comes to a close we’re all getting more stressed with rapidly approaching finals, term papers that have been put off until the last minute and final projects that you can’t seem to pick a topic on.    

Take a break from the studying and the stress and watch this throwback. “Recess: School’s Out” acted as a wrap up from the TV show the ‘90s that we all grew up with on Saturday mornings. It reminds us how much fun summer was as a kid and the nostalgia helps you to relax a little before going back to studying.

The movie follows the Recess gang as everyone heads off to camp — everyone except TJ. But when things start to look dismal for the loner, a dark plot looms threatening to destroy the future of Recess forever and it’s up to TJ and the gang to save the day with some unlikely allies.

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