NCSC members raise scholarship money at annual Nerd Pageant


Chelsae Ketchum

Junior integrated mathmatics major Andrew Cappuzzello won first place at the second annual Nerd Pageant, April 21, 2014. The pageant is put on to benefit FLASHanthropy and is sponsored by the National Society of Collegiate Scholars.

Julia Sprowls

Four of Kent’s National Society of Collegiate Scholars, or NSCS, members donned their suspenders and big-framed glasses Monday night for the second annual Nerd Pageant.

The event raised funds for FLASHanthropy, a Kent scholarship organization for undergraduate students, and was sponsored by NSCS.

There were gift baskets available by purchase of raffle tickets in the lobby of the Kiva as well as free food, drinks and giveaways provided by NSCS and FLASHanthropy.

The contestants were freshman chemistry major Courtney Wolfe, sophomore classics major Bobbie Szabo, sophomore French translation major Sean Fuerstenberg and junior integrated mathematics major Andrew Cappuzzello.

The contestants had three chances to showcase themselves in the fashion, talent and question portions of the show, and the audience voted by putting money into each contestant’s bag.

Wolfe was up first for the talent portion. She played “Fireworks” by Katy Perry on an alto saxophone. Szabo went next with a Napoleon Dynamite imitation dance. Fuerstenberg also showed his musical talent with a comedic piano routine, incorporating Beethoven and Chopsticks. Cappuzello wrapped up the talent portion with a bucket drumming routine.

Cappuzzello had the most money in his bag by the end and was the winner of a $250 scholarship. He accepted his nerd-embellished sash with a Star Trek Vulcan salute. Second place, Fuerstenberg, received a $150 scholarship. All of the money the “nerds” raised went to FLASHanthropy, which has raised $100,000 total in undergraduate scholarships since it started six years ago.

Freshman chemistry major and NSCS member Kyle Nelson said this is the first event NSCS has had with FLASHanthropy.

He said there were about 30 people at last year’s event, and they raised $70. This year, there were about 50 in attendance, and they raised $148.97 for FLASHanthropy.

“It’s obviously not about beauty,” Nelson said. “It’s about showing your nerdy side and your nerdy talents.”

Amanda Taylor, freshman nutrition major, said her favorite part of the show was the talent portion.

Freshman fashion design major Paige Vesely said Cappuzzello’s bucket drumming was her favorite part of the talent portion.

Senior Emily LaSpina, NSCS President, said she was very happy with the turnout, and the money raised and said she plans to do the event again next year.

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