Kaite’s Flick Pick: ‘Dan In Real Life’

Courtesy of Touchstone Pictures

Courtesy of Touchstone Pictures

Katie Nix

“Dan in Real Life” follows a widowed advice columnist as he struggles with family, children and love.

When his teenage daughter tells him that she has fallen in love after three days, Dan insists on taking her and his other two daughters away for an annual gathering at his parents’ house in rural Rhode Island.

However, in attempt to give his daughter some space, he goes into town and makes an immediate connection with a woman, Marie, at the local bookstore. She says she wants to see him again but also tells him she has a boyfriend who turns out to be Dan’s brother.

Dan spends the rest of the film wrestling with his feelings for Marie and discovers that his daughter is right — you can in fact fall in love in three days. He just needs to find a way to get her to fall out of love with his brother first.

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