Best Sandwich Shop


Jennifer Klingenberg

Jill Wymer tops “the Destroyer” sandwich with onions before holding it together with the necessary four toothpicks, April 6, 2014.

Katherine Nix


Franklin Square Deli

Franklin Square Deli, located at the corner of South Water and East Main streets, has been serving residents and students since 1983.

The website brags of a casual, clean, enjoyable, family atmosphere with a dedication to a quality product at the best price possible and people agree.

“The quality of the food is amazing,” said freshman pre-nursing major Laura Kruger. “It’s totally worth the money.”


Dave’s Cosmic Subs

Dave’s Cosmic Subs comes in second in the sandwich shop category. Its rock ’n’ roll, tie-dyed theme proves to be a favorite with members of the Kent community.

“I love how Dave’s reminds me of home,” freshman Mara Schoch said. “They have the best atmosphere of a restaurant near campus.”


Jimmy John’s

The famous freaky fast delivery of Jimmy John’s makes it an obvious favorite for Kent State students.

With over 1600 locations, this shop is part of a chain, but its quality of food and service don’t suffer.

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