Best Apartment Complex


Erin McLaughlin

University Edge features a location close to the Kent State campus and numerous amenities. It was voted best apartment complex for the Best of Kent.

Katie Nix

 University Edge


The new kid on the block, University Edge, sits along Rhodes Road and is in close proximity to campus. Its various amenities including a fitness center, tanning bed, computer center, hot tub, fire pit and free Wi-Fi, make it a campus favorite. Rent ranges from $594 to $779 a month, depending on floor plan.


The Province

The Province’s location on South Lincoln Street right across from Satterfield Hall and the Business and Administration Building makes the apartment complex one of the coveted places to live around campus.

It features 24-hour maintenance, a computer lab, a fitness center with tanning bed and a movie theater. The apartments are also pre-furnished. Rent can range from $615 to $800 a month depending on size and floor plan.


Campus Pointe/Eagles Landing

Third place in the apartment complex category was a tie between the newbie, Campus Pointe, and Eagles Landing.

Campus Pointe is located across the street from Gabriel Brothers on Ashton Lane, and apartments come fully furnished. Although it’s a little out-of-the way from campus, the apartments are spacious and each room gets its own bathroom.

Eagles Landing is located next to The Province and offers three different two-bedroom options, with rent ranging from $760 to $815 per month. Parking is also open for guests on weekends.

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