Opinion: The GOASTT is bringing back psychedelia with new album


Megan Brown is a senior magazine journalism major and the opinion editor for The Kent Stater. Contact her at [email protected]

Megan Brown

In, 2014, the push for music with a psychedelic edge has appeared more and more. The Flaming Lips, who have been together since the 1980s, have always had a steady claim for psychedelic music.

The Black Angels have also been known to play around with a darker side of psychedelic in their rock ‘n’ roll, and the Black Keys even have added their own psychedelic spin to their new upcoming album “Turn Blue.”

But the band who is really shining through this psychedelic rock scene is the Ghost of a Saber Tooth Tiger, or GOASTT. The band, founded in 2008, consists of musician Sean Lennon, son of the late John Lennon and Yoko Ono, and model-musician Charlotte Kemp Muhl.

The real-life couple released “Acoustic Sessions” in 2010, an album full of harmonizing, playful folk songs. In 2011, the two covered Serge Gainsbourg’s “Comic Strip,” along with electrified versions of previous songs on a limited released “La Carotte Bleue.”

Tuesday, the band released “Midnight Sun,” which is full of post-modern psychedelic. With a voice very similar to his father, Sean makes songs like “Animals” and “Xanadu” sound like they’re missing tracks from the Beatles’ “Magical Mystery Tour” album.

The band is well-known for its use of a variety of unusual instruments and changing things up a bit.

Sean recently told Rolling Stone: “We tend to mess around with our sound quite a bit. We mix things from far away or too close. We run them from pedals you’re not supposed to.”

During the song “Last Call,” I became confused as to whether I was listening to Pink Floyd or the GOASTT. There’s something very Floyd-esque about the orchestral of it. The use of symbols, chimes and synthesizers are a major point throughout the album ,and you can see that on “Devil You Know,” which could also pass for a Beatles song.

This album is definitely something different, new and exciting for music lovers of any kind. It can take you back to older generations of music or show you the new side of psychedelic rock. A sense of freedom is set within the album, giving the listener a chance to take a journey of magical bliss.

I know this album will help me relax through finals, and maybe it can help you pull through those all-nighters next week.

It’s time this genre of music makes a total comeback. It’s inviting and thrilling to listen to. Buy it on vinyl, CD or mp3 — this is definitely a brilliant summer album.

I know I am more than excited to see the GOASTT in June at the Mountain Jam Festival in Hunter Mountain, New York.