Best Place to Watch the Game


Paul Csizmadia

Buffalo Wild Wings

Katy Codutio Lindsay Miller


Buffalo Wild Wings

A 35-by-8-foot television screen is only the beginning of what sets the relocated Buffalo Wild Wings apart from the competition when it comes to viewing the biggest sporting events.

Team leader Gerrell Jones laughs when talking about the viewing options BW3s offers to its customers.

“We have 65 TVs,” he said. “We can show all of the sports, we can actually show all of them.”

BW3s has the ability to show any sporting event on any screen, including pay-per-view events that others don’t host.

And Jones said that BW3s does it all for the customers.

“We give everything to our guests,” he said. “We provide great service to our guests and we always want to make sure you feel welcome. We have to wow you.”

In addition to an unlimited number of viewing options and the televisions to support it, Jones also said you can enjoy some good food while watching whatever sporting event you prefer.

“We have the best wings,” he said, laughing. And, more seriously, “We want to make you feel amazed every time you come here.”


Ray’s Place

Chain restaurants often offer a fun environment to watch big sports games, but feeling at home in a local bar and restaurant is why Ray’s Place is the runner-up for best place to watch the game.

Not only is Ray’s Place affordable, but it also offers eight wing flavors, three dry rub wing flavors, jerk fries, sandwiches, burgers and a large menu of appetizers.

“Sports definitely makes a big difference,” Thomas said. “We don’t see big crowds for the Super Bowl, but for key games like the playoffs or when Kent’s men’s basketball team made the Elite 8, we see big crowds.”

Ray’s Place features an additional upstairs with a separate bar with beer on tap, a pool table, seating and large TVs for a great game time atmosphere along with the traditional space downstairs.

“If the Cleveland Cavaliers ever got into it big time, I’m sure we could draw big crowds from the playoff games,” Thomas said.


Panini’s Bar & Grill

Panini’s provides a comfortable viewing environment for every major game, carrying the biggest sporting events on its 33 big screen TVs as well as keeping fans up-to-date on other events with a constantly scrolling ticker throughout the restaurant.

General manager Scot Knieriemen says the establishment aims to play major sporting events and always has specials.

“We play all of the big games, and we’ve got drink specials every day,” he said.

And of course, customers who want to chow down during a big event can choose from one of Panini’s signature, well, paninis.

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