Best Coffee Shop


MaKayla Brown

Tree City barista Owen Park prepares a cup of coffee at Tree City in Kent on April 7, 2014. Tree City was voted best coffee shop in Kent.

Erin Zaranec


Tree City Coffee & Pastry

If you’re looking to get the experience of a charming locally owned coffee shop with a kick-ass cup of coffee, Tree City is the place for you.

Featuring monthly drink specials, breakfast sandwiches, pastries and a peanut butter and jelly menu, you’ll be sure to leave Tree City satisfied with your order.

To celebrate the Easter season, Tree City currently has seasonal specials like its Marshmallow Peep Latte and Cadbury Crème Mocha.

Along with delicious menu items, Tree City’s interior also has an unusual flair.

“The inside was actually designed by an architecture professor here at Kent State, so it looks really cool inside. There is always a good atmosphere and vibe at Tree City, so I like it a lot,” sophomore architecture major Zach Skwara said.

During football season, Tree City becomes even more charming due to their 25-cent game day coffee.

Walking into Tree City, you are almost guaranteed to be greeted with a smile from one of their baristas, who are always more than willing to help describe menu options or with an indecisive customer.


Dunkin’ Donuts

Since opening on Nov. 5, Dunkin’ Donuts has had its share of success in Kent. With a convenient location right across the street from front campus, there is always a flow of traffic coming and going from the location.

The location recently had even more traffic as usual when they offered a free small iced coffee on April Fools Day.

“The atmosphere is really nice and all of the employees are really friendly, I go there for meetings a lot and it’s always a good place to meet,” sophomore psychology major Megan Kasperczyk said.


Scribbles Coffee Co.

With a mix of light, medium and dark roasts prepared by either a drip maker or French press, Scribbles is a cozy coffee shop that offers much more than just coffee. They offer the widest tea variety of any local coffee shop and also has nondairy options.

“It’s a cozy, peaceful place to study, hangout or catch up on some reading because of its environment, menu and friendly employees and customers,” Scribbles employee Emma Shepard said.

Yarn bombing is often seen outside of Scribbles and local artists and open mic nights are common. 

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