Katherine’s Flick Pick: ‘Enchanted’

Poster courtesy of Disney

Poster courtesy of Disney

Katherine Nix

Over the last several years, Disney has begun to make their heroines in princess films go-getters and in control their destiny rather than the damsels in distress that we all grew up with. Tiana from “Princess and the Frog,” Rapunzel from “Tangled,” Merida from “Brave,” and Anna and Elsa from “Frozen” all have this in common.

However, the change in direction began with Giselle in the 2007 film “Enchanted.” The movie opens in an animated world and within the first five minutes of the story Giselle falls in love with Prince Edward, heir to the throne, and they are to be married the next morning.

Unfortunately, Edward’s stepmother, the current ruler of the make-believe land, gets jealous. In order to ensure that she will continue to maintain her crown, she sends Giselle to a land where there are no happy endings — Manhattan.

Hilarity ensues as Amy Adams plays the human incarnate of Giselle and is forced to face that things in the real world are not as cut and dry as they were in her old world. She matures as a person throughout the movie, learning that there is more to love than she originally thought and learns how to save herself, beginning a trend for Disney princesses everywhere.

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