BSR Beats: Week 10

Megan Hemensky


“Fake Your Death” by My Chemical Romance

This first single is basically a eulogy for My Chemical Romance’s final album. The song’s lyrics are inspirational and awesome, and releasing this was a great way to wish a final goodbye. The entire album goes on sale March 24.


“Even In The Dark” by Nasimiyu

With the combination of a soulful female voice, the strong musical beat, and her “I know what’s right for me,” attitude and lyrics, Nasimiyu just makes me want to dance. I’m officially obsessed with this song.


“Celeste” by Ezra Vine

Celeste is a breath of fresh air and definitely sounds like it’s “something out of a dream.” This artist from New Zealand reminds me a little bit of Fleetwood Mac, so you know they’re good.


“I found a Body” by Tan Vampires

This is one of those songs that the best way to describe it is simply, “pretty.” The music super relaxing, and it’s one of those songs you would listen to on a long car ride back home.


“Sight of the Sun” by Fun.

I’ve seen Fun. in concert before, and they are so passionate about their music. This single is similar to songs on their last album, Some Nights, in the sense that it is orchestrated extremely well and honestly just “Fun.” to listen to..

Playlist by Indie/Alternative Music Coordinator Megan Hemensky. Visit Black Squirrel Radio at