Awaiting the warmth — the anticipation mounts

Katy Coduto

We might be buried under another foot of snow, but spring is finally around the corner. Daylight savings has passed, which means the days are staying lighter longer. The sun is making more and more frequent appearances, while also actually feeling warm! And with an official start date of March 20, this spring is sure to bring some new life to a campus and town that have been frostbitten for so long.

With spring so close, there’s plenty to look forward to with the thawing out. These are just a few of the things that spring in Kent means…

You’re going to be able to walk on the Esplanade again, and you aren’t going to be afraid of imminent death.

Spring means that the snow will be melting away, and that also means that the slushy death trap that is most of the esplanade will also disappear. You won’t have to leave an hour early to walk through the arctic tundra, or pack extra clothes in case of falling into snow piles.

You’ll actually be able to make it downtown and feel all of your limbs.

Whether heading downtown during the day to grab a coffee at Tree City or to the bars at night, you’ll still have all of your fingers when you get to your destination. You also won’t have to peel off 37 layers of clothing to get comfortable in whichever establishment you end up in.

Spring also means a week off from school.

Of course, while the thawing out of Kent is important, spring also means that spring break is here. Who doesn’t need a little time off, especially after so many dark months?

Whether you’re going home for some time with family or you’re off to Panama City for some time with friends and warm weather, spring break is definitely worth celebrating. And, if you’re extra lucky, you might be going somewhere especially exotic – maybe the Bahamas or Estonia?

And once you’re back from spring break, you have Flashfest.

If there is one thing that really seems to unite this campus, it’s Flashfest. We might all enjoy Homecoming and we might all cheer for assorted sports teams here, but few things unite students like the anticipation leading up to the announcement of each year’s Flashfest. Last year was Kendrick Lamar and Steve Aoki; one can only imagine what this year will bring. Regardless of who it is, it’s hard to say no to a free concert that is literally just down the Esplanade from where you live. It’s also the perfect way to end another crazy semester.

For many, spring means graduation. Spring is always symbolic of new beginnings and new life, and seniors are beginning to feel a sense of renewal as March becomes April. Classes are wrapping up, and there’s no need to sign up for new classes or to figure out a Kent apartment. It’s definitely a sign of new beginnings for those wrapping up their time at Kent.

This spring promises to be an interesting one. After polar vortexes and massive snowstorms, Kent State and the surrounding city are ready to be thawed out and to be outside again. In the coming weeks, there’s plenty to look forward to enjoy in Kent. There’s no doubt that Kent State students will turn out for whatever the weather brings through April and May. 

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