BSR Beats: Week 8

Jordan Garber


“Black Out Days” — Phantogram

Hands down my favorite song of the week. I seriously can’t get it out of my head, which I’m not complaining about, but I feel like the only cure to stop singing it would be to just black out … sorry, mom.


“Thunder Glove” — Gardens & Villa

I have met this band before, and I’m totally not being biased when I saw they are probably the coolest band ever, and everything they create is pure musical genius.


“Overdone” — Bombay Bicycle Club

I’m not going to lie; I just heard this song this week. However, being a BBC fan, I knew this new album would be pretty awesome, and because they’re becoming widely known, I wanted to make sure everyone knew that I knew them before they were cool. Does that make me hip?

“Double Bubble Trouble” — M.I.A.

This song is kiler when you want to get down with your friends, but don’t be one of those girls dancing to Ke$ha in the corner … even thought we’ve all been there.

“Think Of You” — Bleached.

I like to think of myself as rocker at heart, and knowing these two sisters created this rad band infusing their love of rock, punk and pop makes it, like, a triple threat.

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