News on the go: March 5, 2014

Celia Fernandez

President Barack Obama’s proposed $3.9 trillion election-year budget seeks to bring together Democrats with new help for the working poor, higher taxes on the wealthy and fresh money for road-building, research and education. Congress is most likely to ignore it and go along with last year’s budget deal as it looks ahead to mid-term elections. Read full story.

United Airlines is taking measures against passengers with oversized carry-on bags. Fliers have long complained about other travelers stuffing their carry-on bags into the overhead bin. Employees stationed at bag sizers will send back passengers to the ticket counter to check their luggage for a fee it violates the airline’s baggage-size limit.

Police are investigating reports of a brutal sexual assault of a 15-year-old transgender student as he was using the boys’ bathroom in a California high school. The teenager told police he was exercising his right under a new state law that allows the use of bathrooms that match the gender a person identifies with. Read full story.

New research suggests that a shot every one to three months might eventually give an alternative to the daily pills that some take to cut their risk of getting HIV from sex with someone who is infected. The experimental drug has only been tested in monkeys, but it did completely protect them from infection in two studies reported at an AIDS conference.