The Pink Floyd Experience Will Visit Kent’s Tuscarawas Campus on its Tour

Endya Watson

The Pink Floyd Experience will bring its tour to Ohio this Friday at 7:30 p.m. to perform at the Kent State Tuscarawas Campus.

The production will visit stages all across America and Canada. Scott Christensen, production director of the Pink Floyd Experience, said the show emulates many elements that Pink Floyd concerts were famous for, including the music, psychedelic video clips and the infamous flying pig that was a prop at many Pink Floyd concerts.

Mike Morelli, general manager of the performing arts center at Kent Tuscarawas, said he decided to bring the Pink Floyd Experience to the campus after seeing the show himself.

“I saw this production a couple years ago at the Nokia Theater in New York,” Morelli said. “It was just outstanding, and my first thought was that it would be great for our campus.”

The tour this year is celebrating the production’s 10th anniversary. Christensen said he thinks the show has remained popular for so many years because audiences see many similarities between the Pink Floyd Experience and original Pink Floyd concerts.

“We really try to capture what Pink Floyd was famous for through the production,” Christensen said. “I think the audience really appreciates that the band performs so well with a tremendous amount of passion for the music.”

Morelli said he expects the show to have just as much popularity on the Tuscarawas campus.

“I’d expect a crowd of about 800 people,” Morelli said. “What we’ve been seeing is a lot of students taking advantage of their membership, but also there’s people my age from the community who are just as excited about the show.”

Tom Quinn, lead guitarist of the Pink Floyd Experience, said he too has noticed a diverse audience at the shows.

“We find that we have three generations of Pink Floyd fans coming to the show, which is something I never expected,” Quinn said. “This is definitely a band that has stood the test of time.”

Kent state Tuscarawas is one of the first places The Pink Floyd Experience will perform on its tour. Quinn said the band is proud to be visiting 26 locations during the 5-week tour.

Morelli said he is most excited to see one of Pink Floyd’s signature props at the concert this Friday.

“The flying pig, they have one in this production that references the one from Pink Floyd’s concerts and it just makes me happy,” Morelli laughed. “They’re outstanding musicians and I can’t wait to see them on our stage.”

Event tickets can be purchased through Kent State Tuscarawas’s Performing Arts Center website. For more information on the Pink Floyd Experience, visit

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